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WEEE Regulations cover all household and office electrical equipment.

It's important that electrical waste is recycled correctly to avoid any damage to the environment.

New stricter WEEE regulations were implemented in 2014

Compliance is mandatory.  Our trucks are in London 7 days a week. CALL US NOW!




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WEEE recycling regulations apply to all electrical epuipment used in household, private, commercial premises and offices.


Every year, people dump roughly 50 million tonnes of harmful and toxic electronic waste into the environment. In the EU, the target is to collect 65 tonnes of e-waste by 2019. The new law, enforced in 2014, supersedes the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive of 2003.

When implemented, it obliges sellers to take in electronic devices sold even when there is no purchase or replacement for recycling. The collection of large appliances is the responsibility of the manufacturer. In addition, exporters of electronic goods are also required to include documentation of recycling, repair, and re-use to prevent exports of e-waste to poor countries.

Hence, saying yes to recycling and reusing electronic goods can go a long way in ensuring that the pressures on the fragile environment and ecosystem are drastically reduced.

Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE): implementing the recast Directive and UK system changes

The revised WEEE Regulations came into force from 1 January 2014.

Proposal: Financing: WEEE from private households

8.(1) In each compliance period, the financing of the costs of the collection, treatment, recovery and environmentally sound disposal of WEEE from private households that

(a)is deposited at a designated collection facility; or (b)is returned under regulation 32 but is not deposited at a designated collection facility,
during that compliance period (the relevant WEEE) shall be the responsibility of all producers who put EEE on the market in the United Kingdom in that compliance period.

(2) Each producer to whom paragraph (1) applies shall be responsible for financing the costs of the collection, treatment, recovery and environmentally sound disposal of an amount of the relevant WEEE.

Just a sample from the new proposals...

Categories of EEE covered by these Regulations

1. Large household appliances
2. Small household appliances
3. IT and telecommunications equipment
4. Consumer equipment
5. Lighting equipment
6. Electrical and electronic tools (with the exception of large-scale stationary industrial tools)
7. Toys, leisure and sports equipment
8. Medical devices (with the exception of all implanted and infected products)
9. Monitoring and control instruments
10. Automatic dispensers

1. Large household appliances

The list seems quite endless and comprehensive, but shows the resolve by the UK government to vigourously control the recycling of electrical goods and equipment:

Sony Refrigerator

  • Large cooling appliances
  • Refrigerators
  • Freezers
  • Other large appliances used for refrigeration, conservation and storage of food
  • Washing machines
  • Clothes dryers
  • Dish washing machines
  • Cooking
  • Electric stoves
  • Electric hot plates
  • Microwaves
  • Other large appliances used for cooking and other processing of food
  • Electric heating appliances
  • Electric radiators
  • Other large appliances for heating rooms, beds, seating furniture
  • Electric fans
  • Air conditioner appliances
  • Other fanning, exhaust ventilation and conditioning equipment

2. Small household appliances

Dyson Vacuum Cleaner

  • Vacuum cleaners
  • Carpet sweepers
  • Other appliances for cleaning
  • Appliances used for sewing, knitting, weaving and other processing for textiles
  • Irons and other appliances for ironing, mangling and other care of clothing
  • Toasters
  • Fryers
  • Grinders, coffee machines and equipment for opening or sealing containers or packages
  • Electric knives
  • Appliances for hair-cutting, hair drying, tooth brushing, shaving, massage and other body care appliances
  • Clocks, watches and equipment for the purpose of measuring, indicating or registering time
  • Scales

3. IT and telecommunications equipment

  • Centralised data processing:
  • Mainframes
  • Minicomputers
  • Printer units
  • Personal computing:

    Computer Work Station

    • Personal computers (CPU, mouse, screen and keyboard included)
    • Laptop computers (CPU, mouse, screen and keyboard included)
    • Notebook computers
    • Notepad computers
    • Printers
    • Copying equipment
    • Electrical and electronic typewriters
    • Pocket and desk calculators
    • Other products and equipment for the collection, storage, processing, presentation or communication of information by electronic means
    • User terminals and systems
    • Facsimile
    • Telex
    • Telephones
    • Pay telephones
    • Cordless telephones
    • Cellular telephones
    • Answering systems
    • Other products or equipment of transmitting sound, images or other information by telecommunications

    Samsung Plasma TV

    4. Consumer equipment

    • Radio sets
    • Television sets
    • Videocameras
    • Video recorders
    • Hi-fi recorders
    • Audio amplifiers
    • Musical instruments
    • Other products or equipment for the purpose of recording or reproducing sound or images, including signals or other technologies for the distribution of sound and image than by telecommunications

      5. Lighting equipment

      Straight Flourescent Lamp

      • Luminaires for fluorescent lamps with the exception of luminaires in households
      • Straight fluorescent lamps
      • Compact fluorescent lamps
      • High intensity discharge lamps, including pressure sodium lamps and metal halide lamps
      • Low pressure sodium lamps
      • Other lighting or equipment for the purpose of spreading or controlling light with the exception of filament bulbs

      6. Electrical and electronic tools (with the exception of large-scale stationary industrial tools)


      • Drills
      • Saws
      • Sewing machines
      • Equipment for turning, milling, sanding, grinding, sawing, cutting, shearing, drilling, making holes, punching, folding, bending or similar processing of wood, metal and other materials
      • Tools for riveting, nailing or screwing or removing rivets, nails, screws or similar uses
      • Tools for welding, soldering or similar use
      • Equipment for spraying, spreading, dispersing or other treatment of liquid or gaseous substances by other means
      • Tools for mowing or other gardening activities

        7. Toys, leisure and sports equipment

        • Electric trains or car racing sets
        • Hand-held video game consoles
        • Video games
        • Computers for biking, diving, running and rowing
        • Sports equipment with electric or electronic components
        • Coin slot machines

        8. Medical devices (with the exception of all implanted and infected products)

        Medical Check

        • Radiotherapy equipment
        • Cardiology
        • Dialysis
        • Pulmonary ventilators
        • Nuclear medicine
        • Laboratory equipment for in-vitro diagnosis
        • Analysers
        • Freezers
        • Fertilization tests
        • Other appliances for detecting, preventing, monitoring, treating, alleviating illness, injury or disability

        9. Monitoring and control instruments

        • Smoke detectorSmoke detector
        • Heating regulators
        • Thermostats
        • Measuring, weighing or adjusting appliances for household or laboratory equipment
        • Other monitoring and control instruments used in industrial installations (for example, in control panels)

        10. Automatic dispensers

        • Automatic dispensers for hot drinks
        • Automatic dispensers for hot or cold bottles or cans
        • Automatic dispensers for solid products
        • Automatic dispensers for money
        • All appliances which deliver automatically all kind of products


        We offer complete electrical waste clearance services taking away and recycling all electrical appliances, refrigerators, dryers, cookers etc, as above.

        A FREE check on your current waste collection requirements can provide your company with a cost saving waste disposal system.  And of course we are very often able to provide 'same day' collections, as our trucks are generally in and around London most days of the week.

        We also operate a very popular 'one-off' service - 'Load and Go' collections in London where helpful drivers and crew load a client's rubbish into our truck while you wait.  This is a very popular service in the city of London where parking restrictions are in force most days and skip hire is expensive because you require a permit.


        We are currently recycling all rubbish and waste.  Over 75% of all the waste we collect is currently being recycled. (Electrical waste over 90%)

        All waste materials, whether they are solid, liquid, gaseous or radioactive fall within the remit of waste management.

        contact details


        Our trade waste collection services are available for commercial users i.e. builders, tradesmen, landlords, estate agencies for clearance of furniture, individual items and recycling.  We also offer document destruction and paper & cardboard recycling facilities.

        Gerkin EC3 city of London
        EC3 City of London Collection Area


        Recycling is the process of collecting and processing materials that would otherwise be thrown away as trash and turning them into new products. 


        Metal recycling is very important as it takes less energy(heat) to produce new metal than smelting techniques.

        We collect and buy scrap metal.

        Environment Agency

        Environment Agency Approved


        It is not always possible to give precise prices without discussing a client's needs.  Prices will vary according to the type of ferrous waste, size of load and the value of the waste to be collected.  However, please call us and we will endeavor to give a close estimate of the charges that will be incurred and we promise that the best possible prices will be applied.

        If you require regular waste collections we can negotiate a cost saving scheme at a reduced tariff.


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